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Here is an overview of my various offers and packages.

If you are not sure what might fit or you need something more individual, just write to me.

My clients especially appreciate my flexibility that I bring to all that I do.

I am with you fully in every moment and therefore tune into what you need and what is required in each moment.

My experience is that if we click and want to work together, we always find a way.

And if it’s meant to be that we make long lasting changes in your life together, then we can trust exactly that.

Hier findest du eine Übersicht über meine verschiedenen Angebote und Pakete.

Wenn du nicht sicher bist, was passen könnte oder du etwas Individuelleres brauchst, schreib mir einfach.

Meine Klienten lieben besonders meine Flexibilität, die ich zu allem bringe, was ich tue.

Meine Erfahrung ist, dass wenn es bei uns klick macht und wir zusammen arbeiten wollen, dann finden wir immer einen Weg.

Individual Sessions:

Some of my clients aren’t really sure yet if they want to engage in more in-depth work in the long run.

If this is you, then book individual sessions with me first.

These last up to 1 hour and are online, via Zoom or other channels that we then arrange.

I also have a certain quota here every month for people in a slightly more difficult financial situation.

Contact me and ask what is bookable and available right now.


Manche meiner Kunden sind sich noch nicht sicher, ob sie sich langfristig auf eine tiefer gehende Arbeit einlassen wollen.

Wenn das auf dich zutrifft, dann buche zuerst Einzelsitzungen mit mir.

Diese dauern ca. 1 Stunde und finden online, über Zoom oder andere Kanäle statt, die wir dann vereinbaren.

Ich habe hier auch jeden Monat ein gewisses Kontingent für Menschen, die in einer etwas schwierigeren finanziellen Situation sind.

Nimm Kontakt mit mir auf und frag nach, was gerade buchbar und verfügbar ist.

“When I first decided to seek out help and found Franziska, I was a bit dubious. I questioned if I could really justify investing the time and money into myself like this. After all, as a single mum there are always other priorities! However, I had a clear vision and motivation to change things and so I felt like I needed her help. My sessions with Franziska surpassed all my expectations! I ended up addressing much deeper issues than I thought I would, and although they seemed unrelated to my main issue at first, they were somehow all connected. Franziska guided me through this inner process by helping me see what was out of alignment in me and helped me make sense of it. After that some big shifts took place within me. They say external change is an inside job, and I totally get it now. As a result of my shifting old behaviour patterns and beliefs, I have gained more confidence and clarity and I am more at peace with who I am as a person. Franziska is insightful, gentle, encouraging and bloody good at what she does! Highly recommend her services, with gratitude from Kat”

Package 1:

My small monthly package is for you if you would like to make long term and deep changes in your life.

As I love working flexibly and unique to your circumstances, you have a certain amount of hours available with me for the month and we decide how often we meet and how we divide the time together.

In between our 1:1 time you can also contact me via message, text or audios if you want to share something with me, have questions, are stuck etc.

As my experience is that often it’s these instant sharing and receiving my feedback that sustains your inner trust and that resources you from within in the long term.

You will receive audio meditations individually tailored to you.

So you just stay in our shared space all the time, even between sessions, and feel supported.

Paket 1:

Mein kleines Monatspaket ist für dich, wenn du langfristige und tiefgreifende Veränderungen in deinem Leben vornehmen möchtest.

Da ich gerne flexibel und individuell zu deiner Situation arbeite, hast du hier eine Anzahl von Stunden mit mir zur Verfügung für den Monat und wir entscheiden dann, wie oft wir uns treffen und wie wir diese Zeit zusammen einteilen.

Zwischen unserem 1:1 Kontakt kannst du mich auch per Nachricht, Text oder Audios kontaktieren, wenn du etwas mit mir teilen möchtest, Fragen hast, nicht weiterkommst usw.

Da aus meiner Erfahrung diese spontanen Nachrichten und mein Feedback an dich dein inneres Vertrauen stärken und du dadurch innere Ressourcen aufbaust, die langfristig halten.

Du erhältst individuell auf dich zugeschnittene Audio-Meditationen.

So bleibst du einfach die ganze Zeit in unserem gemeinsamen Raum, auch zwischen den Sitzungen, und fühlst dich unterstützt.

Package 2:

This is where I hold the most intense and powerful space for you.

Here you have even more 1:1 time with me to book flexibly over the month and according to your own circumstances.

And in between I am available for you via text or audio messages.

As with package 1, here you’ll also get individual audio meditations to support you in your next steps.

Paket 2:

Hier halte ich den intensivsten und kraftvollsten Raum für dich.

Du hast noch mehr 1:1 Kontakt mit mir zur Verfügung und kannst dir das flexibel und je nach deiner Lebenssituation mit mir über den Monat einteilen.

Und dazwischen bin ich über Text- oder Audiobotschaften für dich erreichbar.

Wie bei Paket 1 erhältst du auch hier individuelle Audio-Meditationen, die dich bei deinen nächsten Schritten unterstützen.

“I had the pleasure of working with Fran last year and continue to receive coaching on an informal basis even now.

Fran is a highly motivational individual who you will warm to immediately.

She has this innate quality that puts you at ease from the get-go, building trust, which enables and encourages you to speak openly.

She is an excellent listener and seems to understand exactly what you are trying to convey even when your own thoughts seem a jumble.  

Fran is clearly very self-aware and emotionally intelligent and one of her best qualities is being able to put herself in your shoes and empathize with whatever issue you are discussing.  It confirms that you’re not alone or strange and she uses very subtle, but effective, questioning skills to further build that rapport.  

During our sessions Fran always showed great passion for her work and interest in what I had to say, this only served to increase my own enthusiasm and determination to succeed.  

Now that my life changes are complete, Fran hasn’t just moved on to her next client; she’s stayed in contact and provided that real personal touch.

I honestly can’t recommend Fran highly enough – she’s one of life’s gems!” (Karen)

Special Packages

Couple & Families

I offer specially designed packages for couples and families. This is because it is important to respond to your individual needs and situations, depending on what you bring to the table.

Write to me about your situation and we will put together a package especially for your needs.

Speziell zusammengestellte Pakete für Paare und Familien


I worked as a social worker over many years in Adoption. I combine this knowledge with my systemic expertise to support families with adopted children and adopted adults in dealing with any issues that come up because of their situation.

If this could benefit you, reach out and tell me more about what is going on and we can find the best support for your unique needs.

I also offer supervision and training for those professionals working in Adoption and who would like some more resources from a systemic perspective for their work.

Spezielle Unterstützung für Familien mit adoptierten Kindern, adoptierten Erwachsenen und Professionelle, die im Adoptionsbereich arbeiten

Systemic coaching

I offer systemic coaching and supervision for those who work in the social sector.

I have worked as a social worker for many years and know how important support is to avoid or resolve burnout and stress-related problems.

Spezielles systemisches Coaching und Supervision für alle, die im sozialen Bereich arbeiten

Living abroad

If you live abroad, I offer special sessions to support you in your life in another country.

I know from my own experience how systemic work here can help you to feel more at home within yourself and thus have more strength and energy for your life.

Spezielle Sitzungen für dich, wenn du in einem anderen Land als deinem Heimatland lebst

Body connection

If you are constantly struggling with your body and don’t have a positive connection with yourself, I offer special sessions. You can build a deeper and more relaxed body connection through my work and clear what is still in the way of it.

Spezielle Sitzungen um Körperprobleme und Blockaden zu einer tieferen Verbindung zu lösen

“Having family counselling sessions with Fran really helped us realise how much we need to work together and appreciate each other in our family of three. I felt hugely supported by Fran during a difficult and busy time.

Fran was very encouraging, listened with patience and saw what was needed to be done in order for us to get back on track.

Counselling highlighted to me how much we needed external support in managing our tricky family dynamics.

It also demonstrated to me how little quality time we spend together and how much this is needed to improve our connections and  for them to remain strong and loving. We still have to work hard at this. We also need to constantly review our ground rules and make sure they are adhered to. ” (R.)

Other services I offer

When you sign in, you get a free audio meditation to give you a taster of the regular meditations my clients get from me to support them on their journey.

I call these audios “Fran-to-go” as you can take it with you wherever you go and re-connect to yourself when needed.
This guided meditation supports your grounding, connecting to your ancestral strength and in letting go of anything that weighs you down.
It’s in English and German as most of my work is.
I hope it opens a space for you where you can be even more yourself.

Wenn du dich einträgst, bekommst du eine kostenlose Audio Meditation, um dir ein Beispiel meiner regelmässigen Meditationen zu geben, die ich meinen Klienten als Unterstützung auf ihrem Weg mitgebe.

I nenne diese Audios “Fran-to-go” weil du diese überall mit hinnehmen und dich immer wieder mit dir selbst verbinden kannst.
Diese begleitende Meditation unterstützt deine Erdung, deine Verbindung zu der Stärke deiner Vorfahren und beim Loslassen von allem was dich noch schwer fühlen lässt.
Sie ist auf Englisch und Deutsch wie das meiste meiner Arbeit.
Ich hoffe, sie öffnet dir einen Raum, wo du noch mehr du selbst sein kannst.

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