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Coaching and Constellations Testimonials:

“You know when something’s wrong, your body tells you to listen but you ignore it and keep on going. It tells you again but you still keep on going.  In the end there comes a point when you have to listen and ask for help.

That’s when Franziska comes in:

Franziska has a calm, warm and friendly presence. She listens and then guides you with questions helping you discover what the cause of your problem is.

She facilitates your understanding and guides you in addressing your needs.

I feel so much better thanks to Franziska and I would highly recommend her, I feel so much more relaxed and calmer thanks to her guidance.” (Rosalie)

“Fran is amazingly practical but she also works on an in- depth level to identify the hidden dynamics within your family.

Using family constellation systems she gives you a unique insight into your family ‘map’ and how each person interacts within that system to explore and heal your own family’s particular challenges.

Her approach gives you a way of understanding your family, and your role within your family, as an entire system rather than as a collection of seperate individuals.

This can sound overwhelming but Fran’s particular strength lies in her down to earth approach.

Fran’s insights are astonishing, yet she also gives you practical tools to use in order to effect lasting change.

She can work with just one member, parents, or the entire family.

Either way, she will work with you and alongside you for as long or as you little as you need it.

What I’ve most appreciated about Fran is her calm and non-judgemental manner, supporting me in a very difficult role within the family.

Fran has been not only a professional support, but like an extremely wise, trusted friend and confidante, helping both myself and my partner when we needed it most.

She understands exactly what is going on.

Sometimes emotions are very intense and then Fran was just completely ‘with me’ in that moment, and somehow helped to give me the strength and skills to go home and carry on.

I cannot express how grateful I am to her for her knowledge and support, helping me make sense of a bewildering time I felt completely unequal to cope with.

The help I’ve experienced from Fran, is testament to her skill as both a therapist and human being, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

I honestly think everyone should have a Fran in their life!” (Mia)

“Fran is extremely skilful as a coach and inner guide to creating healthy relationships with ourselves and those around us.

Her insights into what’s really going on underneath the words and getting to the root of the problem quickly, meant I could access and resolve old ways thinking quickly and easily.

Fran’s passion for her craft shines through and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach and healer to anyone interested in moving their life forwards for the better” (Angela)

“I can vouch personally for Fran and the work she does. The changes i have experienced have been incredible! Sessions are powerful!

Fran is incredibly intuitive and supportive.

She has supported me through personal battles and through parenting and struggles my daughter has, all without being judgemental.

Once I’ve had a session with Fran I feel refreshed, with a new perspective and ready to take on any challenges I face again. “My Fran effect”

Thank you Franziska” (Sara)

“I reached out to Fran in between sessions when I recognised I needed additional support.

She was able to offer me a session and we uncovered the real root cause as to why I was feeling like I was rather than the surface level issue I had presumed.

I cannot recommend Fran enough.

My life is so much calmer now I have regular sessions with her” (Ella)

“I started working with Franziska in December 2020. At the time, I was feeling an acute effect of grieving and a lot of my activities seemed to revolve around distracting myself from the hurt I was feeling. ‘Being present’ was illusive, ‘being calm’ meant leaving things unsaid and I was sleepwalking into more and more responsibilities. 

I had a course of constellations with Franziska spread over a few months. She used a range of methods with me and was always able to sense into the best method for each session. It was enjoyable, and I say that with some surprise… I really didn’t expect to enjoy it. 

It’s been over a month since my last session. The genuine calmness (and not the mask of calmness) has stayed with me, as has the awareness of the times when I am not being present. I have clear intentions for the year ahead and my work with Franziska has resourced me.” (Kate)

“I began my journey with Fran after the first lockdown in July 2020. Initially, I was really apprehensive about our meetings over video calling and how they would work out but also, a bit nervous too! Within minutes of our session, I realised that I really didnt need to worry one bit! Fran has a really infectious calming aura, yet actively listens and picks up on key moments. Moments you dont realise yourself. I’ve found that Frans coaching style equips me each week with another insightful tool to help me process, reflect, understand and rebalance. Looking back over the sessions we’ve had, I can now see more clearly the progress I have made and how these small tips and tools have been key. Fran is so easy to talk to, she has a wonderful personality which she let’s it be a part of our sessions. This is so important to me personally, I feel I am speaking with a friend. Each session, whatever I have felt over the week, I have found really helpful. I learn a little more each time. Fran has become such a part key part of my healing journey, I really know that what I have learnt over the months will remain with me for the rest of my life. A true life coach, amongst other fantastic skills and expertise. I couldn’t recommend Fran more highly, she is non-judgmental, kind, compassionate and has unbelievable amount of perspective and understanding” (Caroline)

“When I first decided to seek out help and found Franziska, I was a bit dubious. I questioned if I could really justify investing the time and money into myself like this. After all, as a single mum there are always other priorities! However, I had a clear vision and motivation to change things and so I felt like I needed her help. My sessions with Franziska surpassed all my expectations! I ended up addressing much deeper issues than I thought I would, and although they seemed unrelated to my main issue at first, they were somehow all connected. Franziska guided me through this inner process by helping me see what was out of alignment in me and helped me make sense of it. After that some big shifts took place within me. They say external change is an inside job, and I totally get it now. As a result of my shifting old behaviour patterns and beliefs, I have gained more confidence and clarity and I am more at peace with who I am as a person. Franziska is insightful, gentle, encouraging and bloody good at what she does! Highly recommend her services, with gratitude from Kat”

“My pony alerted me to a problem with my leg which I needed to deal with. I felt it was related to my dad, partly because he had had the same problem, and partly it was only when I was with our pony that I was aware of him, having left this world over four decades ago. A friend suggested I look for someone qualified in family constellation work, and as I’d previously met Fran and felt I could work with her, I contacted her, had a consultation and started to work on the issue. Fran came across as calm and confident and I always felt safe with her.  The sessions were very insightful and always a bit different, with Fran choosing the way to work based on her extensive knowledge and experience. I felt a very strong connection to my dad and what he was feeling, and at the end of the sessions we reached a point where I felt my ancestors and I were in a much better and stronger place. We did the session on-line, which I wasn’t sure about to begin with, but it felt almost the same as being there in person. I would highly recommend Fran and if you’re not sure how she can help, why not have a short consultation with her initially to find out more” (MF)

“Fran is incredibly supportive and intuitive to my thoughts and needs. She listens to me freely without judgement and encourages me when im battling my thoughts. As a result of our work together Im starting to win against my struggles and finally starting to believe in myself that I can do it! My relationships have improved and will continue to as we pursue our work together. I always look forward to our sessions and always leave with something to think about and try. I cannot recommend Fran enough! My Fran effect” (Barbara)

“Sessions with Fran are attuned each week to my needs, these needs have changed week on week, yet Fran is so intuitive shes able to work out what specifically needs to be focused on. We’ve looked into my family generations and the subtle ‘needs’ and ‘rules’ adopted by me without realising, this was creating huge anxiety for me and resulting in overwhelming panic attacks frequently. I was having issues in areas I hadn’t associated with this. Fran has supported me to start to become the real me, I still have a journey to go, but im excited where this will continue to take me. Sessions with Fran have improved my relationships within my family whilst still remaining myself and WITHOUT the panic attacks. Thank you!!” (Lucy)

“Thank you so much for our sessions. Already I am feeling such a shift and feel much more loving of my body” (Emma)

“I had the privilege this past spring to attend Franziska Pretsch’s workshop at the Intensive International Conference for Systemic Constellations in Bernried, Germany. The workshop re-awakened and re-connected me to a social consciousness that I knew existed within me, but that I had long allowed to remain silent and still in the shadows of my soul.  Franziska’s work had a profound impact on me.

This re-awakening of consciousness has revived something within my spirit, and now allows me to experience myself, and the world around me, as an interconnected process, rather than something separate and disconnected.  I was truly moved.

I thank you, my Friend!” (TK)

Having worked with Fran over a period of time, I found her style really warm and inviting.

She asked me some great questions which prompted my way of thinking and then she moved me towards a much more resourceful state.

I loved the exercised we did together, Fran is a bright, vibrant coach who is intuitive and friendly, as well as encouraging you to challenge yourself.

I had some fantastic results during our time together and I would recommend her to those looking for a coach to inspire and help transform their lives” (Louise)

“Fran is an experienced and soulful coach. She holds a space that allows people to listen to and learn from their own experience in ways that are transformative.

I’d recommend her coaching and training to anyone looking for something beyond the norm; something deep, profound and liberating in every sense” (Tristan) 

“Fran is a gentle soul connected to her own creativity and to fellow humans on a spiritual level. She is also a powerful grounded woman with her feet firmly on the earth.

This beautiful combination means that she is a safe reassuring presence who holds space for groups and individuals to try something new, for example join her in song, talk about something they haven’t managed to before or experimenting with new ways of looking at things. As a coach she is gentle and firm. She is lead by her client and unafraid to challenge them.

When she sings, time stands still, goose bumps rise and people connect to their own hearts and to the energy of others in the room. In our group her songs brought our connection as a group to a deeper level. She made it easy for us to join her in some songs, by giving us a simple chorus that sounded beautiful when we all joined in at our own rate and when we felt comfortable and safe to do so. Hearing ourselves create a sound so beautiful was humbling and made us smile from head to toe.

I would totally recommend working with Fran either individually or as a group.

She has a kind and safe presence and a twinkle in her eyes and your life will be better for coming into contact with her” (Gemma)

“Dear Franziska, thank you for your empathetic, mindfully guided and calm intervention. I experienced the systemic work online with you as very pleasant and like “in real life”. Thank you that you have explained to me very clearly and understanding in every situation every step that we took together and that you have gently accompanied me to the new. I have big trust in you and your work and I will gladly come again with my next issue” (N.U.M.)

“Liebe Franziska, vielen Dank für deine einfühlsame, achtsam geführte und ruhige Intervention. Ich habe die systemische Arbeit online mit Dir als sehr angenehm und wie “im richtigen Leben” erlebt. Danke, dass du mir in jeder Situation sehr klar und verständnisvoll jeden Schritt, den wir gemeinsam gegangen sind, erklärt hast und mich behutsam zu Neuem begleitet hast. Ich habe großes Vertrauen in dich und deine Arbeit und werde bei meinem nächsten Anliegen gerne wieder kommen” (N.U.M.)

Liebe Franziska, ich möchte dir noch einmal für ein Herzen für deinen Coaching danken. Es hat mich in meinem Kopf-Chaos ein großes Stück weitergebracht. Auch deine aufgezeichnete Meditation hat mich noch einige Wochen begleiten dürfen. Danke für dein Sein und dein Tun” (Katja)

“ Dear Franziska, I would like to thank you once again for your coaching. It has helped me a lot more with my head chaos. Your recorded audio meditation also supported me for a few more weeks. Thank you for your Being and your work” (Katja)

Family Specific Testimonials:

“Having family counselling sessions with Fran really helped us realise how much we need to work together and appreciate each other in our family of three. I felt hugely supported by Fran during a difficult and busy time.

Fran was very encouraging, listened with patience and saw what was needed to be done in order for us to get back on track.

Counselling highlighted to me how much we needed external support in managing our tricky family dynamics.

It also demonstrated to me how little quality time we spend together and how much this is needed to improve our connections and  for them to remain strong and loving. We still have to work hard at this. We also need to constantly review our ground rules and make sure they are adhered to. ” (R.)

“I had the pleasure of working with Fran last year and continue to receive coaching on an informal basis even now.

Fran is a highly motivational individual who you will warm to immediately.

She has this innate quality that puts you at ease from the get-go, building trust, which enables and encourages you to speak openly.

She is an excellent listener and seems to understand exactly what you are trying to convey even when your own thoughts seem a jumble.  

Fran is clearly very self-aware and emotionally intelligent and one of her best qualities is being able to put herself in your shoes and empathize with whatever issue you are discussing.  It confirms that you’re not alone or strange and she uses very subtle, but effective, questioning skills to further build that rapport.  

During our sessions Fran always showed great passion for her work and interest in what I had to say, this only served to increase my own enthusiasm and determination to succeed.  

Now that my life changes are complete, Fran hasn’t just moved on to her next client; she’s stayed in contact and provided that real personal touch.

I honestly can’t recommend Fran highly enough – she’s one of life’s gems!” (Karen)

Our family, extended family and friends worked very closely with Fran. The bond we built was and still is very close.

We were able to talk honestly as a family, in some instances for the first time ever, but felt listened to and safe.

Fran is a spirit who came into our lives to fulfill a specific work role, but actually became so so much more than that.

She feels like a family friend whom we will always have in our lives“ (Natalie R.)

“From the very start we bonded with Fran as she came to us in a supportive role with a very open and honest outlook.

My husband and I felt that we could completely be ourselves and she gave us quality time to talk through our thoughts and feelings and address any queries.

Fran seems to always operate an ‘open door’ policy and so whenever I am with her I always feel she values what I am saying and the emotion I am expressing.

What my husband and I found the most valuable was the support even beyond Fran’s official involvement.

Fran goes above and beyond and always makes herself available when we need support and advice.

She offers this support in a non-judgemental but very practical way whilst always advocating for our children.

Fran helps us to look at things differently when our emotions are not allowing us to see or think clearly.

Fran has always been a consistent guide, offering support, care and advise and we always feel we have a safety net in place.

I would consider Fran to be one of the most important people we have in our lives especially in the challenging times we have been through with her.

She is an advocate but always has a child centred approach. Fran is a professional in whatever she does and I would highly recommend her to anyone” (Charlie)

FRAN TO GO - Testimonials:

“Die Meditation von Franziska war für mich total entspannend.

Einerseits höre ich sehr gerne ihre ruhige, warme Stimme. Und andererseits ist da ihre bodenständige, praktische Herangehensweise, sich einfach da hinzusetzen, wo es gerade passt, und sich ein paar Minuten Zeit für sich selbst zu nehmen – was gerade für mich als Mama von 5,5-jährigen Zwillingen und Unternehmerin eine Herausforderung ist.

Wenn ich weiß, ich soll mir jetzt 30 Minuten Zeit für eine Meditation nehmen, verursacht das bei mir Stress, weil ich gar nicht weiß, wo ich das unterbringen soll.

Mit einer kurzen Impuls-Meditation von Franziska hingegen funktioniert das für mich ganz wunderbar. Vielen Dank dafür, liebe Franziska!” (Vera)

“Franziska’s meditation was totally relaxing for me.

On the one hand, I really enjoy listening to her calm, warm voice. And on the other hand, there is her down-to-earth, practical approach of just sitting down wherever it suits and taking a few minutes for yourself – which is especially challenging for me as a mum of 5.5-year-old twins and an entrepreneur.

When I know I’m supposed to take 30 minutes for meditation, it causes me stress because I don’t know where to fit it in.

With a short impulse meditation from Franziska, on the other hand, it works wonderfully for me. Thank you very much for that, dear Franziska!” (Vera)

Franziska hat eine ganz besondere Meditation für mich aufgenommen. Knackige 5 Minuten und auf Englisch (von mir so gewünscht). Ich hab sie mir gleich am ersten Abend noch angehört. Die Energie ist geflossen und es war sehr emotional für mich, am Schluss sind bei mir sogar noch ein paar Tränen geflossen. Und das alles hat Franziska innerhalb von nur 5 Minuten Zeit bei mir geschafft. Vielen, vielen Dank!

“Franziska recorded a very special meditation for me. A crisp 5 minutes and in English (requested by me). I listened to it on the very first evening. The energy flowed and it was very emotional for me, at the end I even shed a few tears. And Franziska managed to do all this in just 5 minutes. Many, many thanks!”

“Ich hab mir gestern Franziska’s Meditation angehört. Erstens mal hat sie eine mega warme und angenehme Stimme. Da kann man sich richtig schön fallen lassen. Und ich finde auch das Englische, obwohl ich jetzt nicht so gut Englisch spreche, kann man es richtig gut verstehen. Gerade diese Kombination aus englischer und deutscher Sprache finde ich echt mega stark. Es verstärkt es so gut fuer zweisprachige Kunden. Das ist echt etwas ganz besonderes. Inhaltlich konnte ich mich richtig gut bei der Meditation fallen lassen”

“I listened to Franziska’s meditation yesterday. First of all, she has a mega warm and pleasant voice. You can really let yourself go. And I also find the English language, although I don’t speak English very well, you can understand it really well. I find this combination of English and German really mega strong. It reinforces it so well for bilingual customers. It’s really something very special. In terms of content, I could really let myself go during the meditation.

“Deine Meditation ist so wundervoll. Ich mag es, wenn du englisch sprichst, da klingst du noch weicher als in deutsch. Und du hast in deutsch schon eine sehr angenehme weiche Stimme. Sehr beruhigend und auch die Mischung englisch/deutsch find ich megaschön. Vielen Dank!”

“Your meditation is so wonderful. I like it when you speak in English, you sound even softer than in German. And you already have a very pleasant soft voice in German. Very calming and I also find the mixture of English and German mega-beautiful. Thank you very much!”

Music Testimonials:

“Als ich das Franziska’s Lied gestern zum ersten Mal beim Malen gehört hab, hat es mich ganz ruhig und demütig gemacht… es hat mich auf eine Weise beruhigt die mich ganz bei mir ankommen lässt, die mich auf den Boden bringt, die mir hilft dass ich meine Ideen und Impulse auch auf den Boden bringen kann… oder besser gesagt auf das Papier” (Monika)

“When I heard Franziska’s song for the first time yesterday while I was painting, it made me feel very calm and humble… It calmed me down in a way that makes me feel completely at home, that brings me down to earth, that helps me to bring my ideas and impulses to earth… or rather to the paper” (Monika).

“OMG Franziska. I listened to your CD this evening as I drove to the hospice bereavement/grief support group to go be with my Mom and 2 of my siblings. I was alone in the car, and popped your music in. It was incredibly touching.

It brought up a lot of deep emotions that were near the surface for me today. I was missing Dad today on/off and your music helped me get in touch with that tender place inside of me.

Thank you for your beautiful music!! The quality of your music and CD is really impressive”

” I had the honour to connect with Fran during a transformational leadership retreat where in the space of five days she found the answer of what her calling and purpose on earth was. And what a gift is her voice and energy. Fran has the gift of pure wholehearted honesty. She has so much love to give and share though her music, which is just an exquisite representation of her whole self: carrying, harmonious. connected to & from the heart at a deep soul level that a lot of people don’t even know exist within them.

I trust Fran is made to support others accessing that side of themselves, by digging deep into their inner voice and allowing it to come up and be heard inside & out.

Fran will accompany you in on your journey to such a next level of freedom. The deep and meaningful one that change lives, the path were realising your dreams and vision become real.” (Laetitia)

“When Fran sings time stands still, goose bumps rise and people connect to their own hearts and to the energy of others in the room.

In our group her songs brought our connection as a group to a deeper level.

She made it easy for us to join her in some songs, by giving us a simple chorus that sounded beautiful when we all joined in at our own rate and when we felt comfortable and safe to do so. Hearing ourselves create a sound so beautiful was humbling and made us smile from head to toe.” (Gemma)

“Fran’s music and indeed Fran herself, touches your soul.

She has a unique gift in bringing the right music at the right time to the right audience.

She not only touches people profoundly, but she also stirs and awakens something deep within them.

She has a raw and natural talent for creating a space for learning, growth and powerful transformation”(Tristan)

I have been fortunate to hear and experience Fran’s performance on numerous occasions and I can say, hand on heart, that each and every time I have been moved spiritually and emotionally; I have experienced goose bumps and shed tears.

Fran has a fantastic talent for capturing powerful messages and strong emotions in her lyrics and music” (Rob)

“I met Fran at a pivotal point in her musical journey, as she embraced her true calling to bring her music to the world.

I am so proud to know her and to have experienced her music in an intimate live setting.

She sings from her heart, and brought joy to our hearts and tears to our eyes. She, and her music are truly beautiful” (Jonathan)

“Your music is very beautiful and I find it reaches deep inside of me and I am home.

You have an amazing voice and I love the tone of it as it has a deep resonance. 

When we sang together as a group, your inner love shines through.

You are alive when you sing and you reach people” (Louise) 

“I know Fran as a woman of depth and an open heart towards the beauty of life that surrounds us and all beings that are part of this amazing journey.

Fran’s music then brings about a strong sense of being alive, standing still and connecting, even for just a moment, together.

Fran’s lyrics are not only relatable, yet by adding her magnificent voice to her brilliant tunes, a heartstring or two will definately be touched.

“Fran’s music reminds me of a cross-over between the free-spirited singer-song writer on a reaggea journey, in an unparalelled way”. (Djehan)

Translation Testimonials:

Thank you Franziska for the great translation and the great cooperation. My book is the project of my heart and soul and it was important to me that it is translated that way. Franziska not only translated it, she also incorporated my writing style, my energy and my heart and soul into the translation.
I can unreservedly recommend Franziska and her great work.

Danke Franziska für die großartige Übersetzung und die tolle Zusammenarbeit. Mein Buch ist mein absolutes Herzens Projekt und es war mir wichtig, dass es auch so übersetzt wird. Franziska hat es nicht nur übersetzt, sie hat auch meinen schreibstil, meine Energie und mein Herzblut in die Übersetzung mit einfließen lassen.
Ich kann Franziska und ihre großartige Arbeit uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen (Ellen)

When you sign in, you get a free audio meditation to give you a taster of the regular meditations my clients get from me to support them on their journey.

I call these audios “Fran-to-go” as you can take it with you wherever you go and re-connect to yourself when needed.
This guided meditation supports your grounding, connecting to your ancestral strength and in letting go of anything that weighs you down.
It’s in English and German as most of my work is.
I hope it opens a space for you where you can be even more yourself.

Wenn du dich einträgst, bekommst du eine kostenlose Audio Meditation, um dir ein Beispiel meiner regelmässigen Meditationen zu geben, die ich meinen Klienten als Unterstützung auf ihrem Weg mitgebe.

I nenne diese Audios “Fran-to-go” weil du diese überall mit hinnehmen und dich immer wieder mit dir selbst verbinden kannst.
Diese begleitende Meditation unterstützt deine Erdung, deine Verbindung zu der Stärke deiner Vorfahren und beim Loslassen von allem was dich noch schwer fühlen lässt.
Sie ist auf Englisch und Deutsch wie das meiste meiner Arbeit.
Ich hoffe, sie öffnet dir einen Raum, wo du noch mehr du selbst sein kannst.

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