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Back down to earth

Running barefoot this morning reminds me again what matters in every moment:To be connected to earth.Coming back down to the ground.We live so much up …

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Life needs to be felt

When we fully open to life, we feel it with all our senses.I often work with people who don’t experience life that way.They have cut …

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Staying connected

First week in 2022, many go back to work.How do you stay CONNECTED even when modern life is taking over again?Don’t go back to sleep.Stay …

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Covid Pandemic Business Impact Interview with Johnnie Urban, Stop The Madness Business Solutions

Connecting to Our Roots & Walking Our Own Path – guest interview on the HubFizz Eco Biz Show

” I had the honour to connect with Fran during a transformational leadership retreat where in the space of five days she found the answer of what her calling and purpose on earth was. And what a gift is her voice and energy. Fran has the gift of pure wholehearted honesty. She has so much love to give and share though her music, which is just an exquisite representation of her whole self: carrying, harmonious. connected to & from the heart at a deep soul level that a lot of people don’t even know exist within them.

I trust Fran is made to support others accessing that side of themselves, by digging deep into their inner voice and allowing it to come up and be heard inside & out.

Fran will accompany you in on your journey to such a next level of freedom. The deep and meaningful one that change lives, the path were realising your dreams and vision become real.” (Laetitia)

“Franziska’s meditation was totally relaxing for me.

On the one hand, I really enjoy listening to her calm, warm voice. And on the other hand, there is her down-to-earth, practical approach of just sitting down wherever it suits and taking a few minutes for yourself – which is especially challenging for me as a mum of 5.5-year-old twins and an entrepreneur.

When I know I’m supposed to take 30 minutes for meditation, it causes me stress because I don’t know where to fit it in.

With a short impulse meditation from Franziska, on the other hand, it works wonderfully for me. Thank you very much for that, dear Franziska!” (Vera)

My Music & Other Audio

Take a look at my music and other audio examples here on Soundcloud.

Purchase my album below via Bandcamp

“Fran’s music and indeed Fran herself, touches your soul.

She has a unique gift in bringing the right music at the right time to the right audience.

She not only touches people profoundly, but she also stirs and awakens something deep within them.

She has a raw and natural talent for creating a space for learning, growth and powerful transformation”(Tristan)



Luna Sandal – if I am not barefoot, I wear the awesome sandals inspired by Barefoot Ted. Highly recommended!

Footworks – shop by my friend Colin. Awesome for barefoot shoes and Luna sandals in the UK.

Karen from HubFizz – my website designer and just a wonderful human being. Thank you for all your great work!

Rosalie Arran – most photos on the website are by her and she is not just talented, but a beautiful person too.

Marketing for Hippies – awesome for a different kind of Marketing. Tad is truly inspiring!

Monika is a wonderful artist from Austria with whom I collaborate creatively. I wrote her a song for her painting process and she created this lion for me out of the energy she picked up from me. I love my lion very much and feel very in tune with it. Check out her beautiful jewellery and creations. I love my earrings from her too.

Some authors and podcasts I find inspiring:

Christopher McDougall – His book Born to Run changed my life. And the Born to Run-Community is amazing. Highly recommended!

Luis Escobar – Photographer and Runner, also in the Book Born to Run. Has the awesome Road Dog podcast. Very inspiring. 

Rich Roll – inspiring plant based athlete. Love his books, especially Finding Ultra and The Plant Power Way: Italia. I listen to his podcast regularly. Definitely changed my life.

Scott Jurek – inspiring plant based runner. Love his book Eat & Run with great recipes.

All books from Paolo Coelho 

All books from Brene Brown and her awesome podcast Unlocking us 

Family Constellations resources:

All books written by Bert Hellinger. He was a German psychotherapist associated with the therapeutic method of Systemic family constellations.

I trained with some teachers that initially trained with Bert Hellinger. 

Especially his book Love’s Hidden Symmetry. 

Also great is Bertold Ulsamer’s book: The Art and Practice of Family Constellations: Leading family constellations as developed by Bert Hellinger.

And there are many more. 

When you sign in, you get a free audio meditation to give you a taster of the regular meditations my clients get from me to support them on their journey.

I call these audios “Fran-to-go” as you can take it with you wherever you go and re-connect to yourself when needed.
This guided meditation supports your grounding, connecting to your ancestral strength and in letting go of anything that weighs you down.
It’s in English and German as most of my work is.
I hope it opens a space for you where you can be even more yourself.

Wenn du dich einträgst, bekommst du eine kostenlose Audio Meditation, um dir ein Beispiel meiner regelmässigen Meditationen zu geben, die ich meinen Klienten als Unterstützung auf ihrem Weg mitgebe.

I nenne diese Audios “Fran-to-go” weil du diese überall mit hinnehmen und dich immer wieder mit dir selbst verbinden kannst.
Diese begleitende Meditation unterstützt deine Erdung, deine Verbindung zu der Stärke deiner Vorfahren und beim Loslassen von allem was dich noch schwer fühlen lässt.
Sie ist auf Englisch und Deutsch wie das meiste meiner Arbeit.
Ich hoffe, sie öffnet dir einen Raum, wo du noch mehr du selbst sein kannst.

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