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The last breath

As I held my grandpa’s (Opa’s) hand on the 18th October 2016 when he took his last breath, it really hit me:

Our ancestors have a HUGE INFLUENCE on us in the way they live, but also in the way they die.

I felt that it was now his time to go and that he wanted me to LIVE MY LIFE FULLY too.

In his memory and to fully HONOUR the gift of life that he has made possible for me through his own life.

At that very moment, I felt it deep inside:

We all have this CONNECTION and RESPONSIBILITY to the next generations.

Suddenly the CORE of my business and my work with people was as clear as day to me.

Because often we don’t live our lives to the fullest and keep ourselves limited: but we really are not.

Wir haben alle diese Verbindung zu und eine Verantwortung für die nächsten Generationen.

Plötzlich war das Herz meines Business und meiner Arbeit mit Menschen so klar wie noch nie.

Weil wir oft unser Leben nicht voll leben und uns selbst so begrenzen: aber das sind wir nicht wirklich.

Wild hair, wild heart and always a bit too much

Even as a child I was always somehow DIFFERENT and “too much”.

I felt a lot, always wanted more from life, EXPLORING life and myself.

So I often ran into the forest and into nature where I felt so at home.

Life has somehow always wanted MORE from me.

That’s who I was as a child, with wild hair and a wild temper.

A dreamer, with a lot of imagination, and a WILD HEART.

At school, the teachers said I had TOO MUCH FANTASY.

But as Albert Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited”.

In my imagination I have always been UNLIMITED, fully alive, at peace with myself.

In reality it took me a while to realise how unlimited I am and what my heart really wants.

This Lion was created by my friend Monika Loedler who painted the energy she picked up from me

Ich war immer irgendwie ANDERS, “zu viel”, und wollte immer mehr vom Leben und das Leben von mir.

In mir war ich schon immer UNBEGRENZT, voll lebendig, im Frieden mit mir selbst.

In der Wirklichkeit hat es etwas gedauert, bis ich verstanden habe, wie unbegrenzt ich bin und was mein Herz wirklich will.

“You know when something’s wrong, your body tells you to listen but you ignore it and keep on going. It tells you again but you still keep on going.  In the end there comes a point when you have to listen and ask for help.

That’s when Franziska comes in:

Franziska has a calm, warm and friendly presence. She listens and then guides you with questions helping you discover what the cause of your problem is.

She facilitates your understanding and guides you in addressing your needs.

I feel so much better thanks to Franziska and I would highly recommend her, I feel so much more relaxed and calmer thanks to her guidance.” (Rosalie)

Born without limits

I was born in the north of Bavaria, on the border to other countries.

Somehow I’ve always felt that inside me.
This “pushing the limits”, EXTENDING MYSELF, not taking anything for granted.

And this quality is also what clients appreciate when working with me:

I CONNECT them with their ROOTS, their ORIGIN, what makes them tick.

And I bring them my unlimited PERSPECTIVE on their lives and what else is possible.

Ich komme aus dem Norden von Bayern, an der Grenze zu anderen Ländern.

Immer die Grenzen austestend, mich ausdehnen, viel ausprobieren.

Meine Klienten schätzen das an mir:

Ich bringe ihnen eine unbegrenzte PERSPEKTIVE auf ihr Leben und was alles noch möglich ist.

I have tried a lot in my life and learned a lot of different things about life.

I have lived in different countries and had different jobs.

But nevertheless there have always been and still are things that run through my life like a RED THREAD:

Meditation, being BARFOOT, RUNNING every morning, being connected to my BODY.

And my desire to bring back the PASSION for life in people.
I have come to appreciate and love my “pushing boundaries” as it brings so much more DEPTH and NEW PERSPECTIVES.

Es gibt vieles, was ich schon ausprobiert habe, aber anderes zieht sich wie ein roter Faden durch mein Leben:

Meditation, BARFUSS sein, LAUFEN jeden Morgen, verbunden sein zu meinem KÖRPER.

Und mein Wunsch, die LEIDENSCHAFT für das Leben in Menschen wieder zu entfachen.

Ich schätze es jetzt, dass ich Grenzen ausdehne, weil es so viel mehr WEITE und neue PERSPEKTIVEN bringt.

Unlike the rest of the family. You too?

My journey towards me has taken me to several countries and brought many learning experiences.

As a social worker I have worked with so many different people over many years.

But one thing kept coming up as a common theme:

How learned FAMILY TRAUMAS and BEHAVIOUR PATTERNS are passed down through GENERATIONS.

And generations carry these wounds forward until someone in the family decides to do the work to heal them.

Often these are the ones who don’t really feel like they belong, who have somehow always been a little different.

Ein Thema war immer präsent in meiner Arbeit mit Menschen:


Und die Generationen tragen diese Muster mit bis jemand in der Familie sich entscheidet, diese zu heilen.

Oft sind das diejenigen, die sich nicht wirklich zugehörig fühlen und irgendwie Immer etwas anders sind.

“Fran is extremely skilful as a coach and inner guide to creating healthy relationships with ourselves and those around us.

Her insights into what’s really going on underneath the words and getting to the root of the problem quickly, meant I could access and resolve old ways thinking quickly and easily.

Fran’s passion for her craft shines through and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach and healer to anyone interested in moving their life forwards for the better”


I have realised through these experiences that I too am someone who is simply different and always has been.

Who feels CONNECTED with her EXPERIENCES and wants to acknowledge and HEAL what there is to heal.

And through my training in Systemic Family Constellation, it all kind of came together.

It fits so well as a framework, together with my trainings in Social Pedagogy, Life Coaching and Neurolinguistic Programming.

My business is now the bringing together of everything I have experienced and learned in my life.

And that is why I now work precisely with those who also feel so different in their family system.

Ich bin auch so eine, die immer irgendwie etwas anders war.

Die sich verbunden fühlt mit ihren Erfahrungen und das anerkennen und heilen möchte, was da zu heilen ist.

Und meine Arbeit mit systemischen Aufstellungen brachte das alles zusammen.

Mein Business enthält nun alles, was ich gelernt und erfahren habe und was ich zu dieser Welt beitragen kann.

If you've read this far...

I’m sure something has spoken to you and touched you.

I assume you know the feeling of not knowing exactly YOUR PLACE and not knowing where exactly you belong.

This is where my work can bring you CLARITY, GROUNDING, STRENGTH and POWER.

You feel where your unique place is in your system and what that means for you and your life.

You can connect DEEPLY with your LIFE-PATH and what makes you who you are.

Through this you come into PEACE with yourself, with your body and have more ENERGY to live forward.

Wenn du bis hierher gelesen hast, dann hat dich irgendwas hier angesprochen.

Vielleicht weisst du auch noch nicht genau, was DEIN PLATZ ist und wo du genau hingehörst.

Meine Arbeit kann dir hier KLARHEIT, ERDUNG, STÄRKE und KRAFT geben.

Du kannst dich tief mit deinem LEBENSWEG verbinden und in Frieden mit dir und deinem Körper kommen.

“I can vouch personally for Fran and the work she does. The changes i have experienced have been incredible! Sessions are powerful!

Fran is incredibly intuitive and supportive.

She has supported me through personal battles and through parenting and struggles my daughter has, all without being judgemental.

Once I’ve had a session with Fran I feel refreshed, with a new perspective and ready to take on any challenges I face again. “My Fran effect”

Thank you Franziska” (Sara)

Here you can find out more about how you can work with me

Or just contact me without obligation

When you sign in, you get a free audio meditation to give you a taster of the regular meditations my clients get from me to support them on their journey.

I call these audios “Fran-to-go” as you can take it with you wherever you go and re-connect to yourself when needed.
This guided meditation supports your grounding, connecting to your ancestral strength and in letting go of anything that weighs you down.
It’s in English and German as most of my work is.
I hope it opens a space for you where you can be even more yourself.

Wenn du dich einträgst, bekommst du eine kostenlose Audio Meditation, um dir ein Beispiel meiner regelmässigen Meditationen zu geben, die ich meinen Klienten als Unterstützung auf ihrem Weg mitgebe.

I nenne diese Audios “Fran-to-go” weil du diese überall mit hinnehmen und dich immer wieder mit dir selbst verbinden kannst.
Diese begleitende Meditation unterstützt deine Erdung, deine Verbindung zu der Stärke deiner Vorfahren und beim Loslassen von allem was dich noch schwer fühlen lässt.
Sie ist auf Englisch und Deutsch wie das meiste meiner Arbeit.
Ich hoffe, sie öffnet dir einen Raum, wo du noch mehr du selbst sein kannst.

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