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Hello Barefoot Human,
We are all born barefoot.
As children we are totally connected to who we are and what it means to be ourselves.
But then, more and more, we put shoes on and loose the connection to ourselves and our ground.
Often it’s because of taking on expectations of others around us or being made to feel guilty for expressing our own truth.
It can be so difficult to take these shoes off though.
Often your fear of staying stuck where you are at is just as big as the fear of being more real in your life.
Because you might have lost the trust in your own intuition and inner wisdom, making decisions like this can feel scary.
It can feel like real panic to even try being more real as what if people exclude you when you don’t pretend anymore?
Pretending and trying to fit in takes a lot of energy from you.
And it can manifest in so many ways in your body, for example tension, exhaustion, burn out, body issues and more.
Maybe you never fully express how you really feel and it causes you so much pain and stress on a daily basis.
Often guilt and shame are attached to this as you know you are not really showing what is going on inside of you.
Becoming more real again takes time and requires an open and honest space that you can trust.
It’s like you are gradually pulling away these layers that you have learned to put on in order to protect yourself.
But these layers, these shoes, also hinder you from fully expressing who you are and feeling that freedom that is inside of you.
You can finally release these emotions that are stuck inside of you and it brings a huge new energy for your life with it.
Together we look at what is causing you to hide and pretend and how you have learned trying to be somebody else.
And we re-connect to the you that you were before you put these shoes on.
My work is not a quick fix or one size fits all solution.
I work with your unique situation and where you are at right now and this requires flexibility and openness from both sides.
My clients have their own way to describe the effects of our work together:
“Afterwards somehow everything fell into place and made sense”
“I feel calmer about my life and trusting myself to find solutions”
“More ease and calmness in my life”
“More at ease with my body and having more energy”
“The Fran-Effect: After our sessions I feel always so free and more able to be fully myself “ 🙂
I work with parents, women and men, couples, individuals, whole families, teenagers, children and professionals.
Wherever you feel stuck right now in your life and not aligned with who you are, that’s where we start.
The only thing you need is a willingness to take your shoes off and to learn how to make your own footprints again.
And one step at a time, your path can open up easier, clearer and simpler, and more resourced.
My work is in English and German.
My sessions can be accessed from anywhere in the world online.
This makes it so easy and so flexible and works just as well as in person.
I love the variety of nationalities I work with because every culture and country has its own unique influence on who you are.
If this speaks to you, then reach out and connect with me.
We have a first 30 minutes free call to talk about your situation and where you are at.
Then we decide together how to move forward.
I work in a very flexible way to accommodate whatever would benefit you the most right now.
Or message/Call: 07735602051
Or write to me on Facebook.
Check out also my Life Coach Directory page:
Thank you and let’s connect on this ground where being barefoot is possible again…
Blessings, Franziska

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Thank you for being part of this journey, Barefoot Human.

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